After 12 years as leader, Vincenzo Di Pierri gives the precidency to Monica Dell’Anna. For the first time in the History, a woman will lead the Italian-Swiss institution.

Change at the top of the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Switzerland. It will be Monica Dell’Anna to lead the Italian-Swiss institution, for 12 years chaired by Vincenzo Di Pierri (outgoing president), who leaves the office for reached limits of mandate.
Monica Dell’Anna, unanimously elected by the Chamber Council, is the first woman, in 113 years of history of the institution, to hold the prestigious and delicate position of President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Switzerland.

The passage of witness took place in Bern, at the headquarters of the Italian Embassy, at the presence of His Excellency Ambassador Silvio Mignano and the Chamber Council, host here for the occasion. The Ambassador, before the meeting, welcoming the Council, expressed his appreciation for the Chamber effective pledge: “I’m happy about the role played by the Chamber, hybrid public/ private, and I think that Italy has a resource abroad for its international projection”.

In her inaugural speech, the new President Monica Dell’Anna, framed some issues of fundamental importance for the institution.

Here is a short abstract of some key points of her speech:
The Italian Chamber of Commerce for Switzerland is an organization with a great heritage and History, an Italian one, which offers solid bases for the future […]. It is an Italian structure and we all are feel love with our country. A great sample of this feeling is offered by the person who preceded me: a President who has done an exceptional job […]. The Chamber, promoter of the Italian System, is a fundamental reference point to promote the development of Italian economic activities in Switzerland, fosters profitable corporate and personal relationships by enhancing in every context the brand “Italy” […]. The challenges we are facing, are coming by the need to understand the evolving needs of our stake-holders, companies, associates and institutions; by the central role played by digitalization in export-related processes; by the political uncertainties about co-financing, linked to the institutional situation […]. Italy is a country with tremendous potential and, the Chamber, is the institution that can actively contribute to its development […]“.

Satisfied by 12 years spent at the service of the Country System, humanly touched by the conclusion of an unforgettable 12 years professional journey, the outgoing President Vincenzo Di Pierri, thanking for the collaboration the Council, the Institutions and the Chamber team, he focus his attention to the importance of team building and optimistic outlook to the future, an attitude confirmed by his words: “We are faced with a very complicated moment but I am sure that the Chamber will overcome it as often the Italians do in situations of great emergency […]“.

Monica Dell'Anna

She is Chairman on the Board of Directors of B Capital Partners and member of the Board of Directors of Swissquote Group, as well as a member of the Advisory Board of Accenture Switzerland. Graduated in telecommunications engineering at the University of Pisa, she holds a PhD in Telecommunications Engineering at King’s College London.
He started his career at McKinsey in Zurich. Since 2003, she has held a number of management positions at Swisscom before moving on to the energy sector and joining the BKW Group Management After leading the portfolio of digital companies of the NZZ Media Group as a board member, she was Country Manager of the Adecco Group Switzerland and Austria until the end of 2021. In addition to the operational roles she has held over the years also positions on various boards of directors as a member or president.
Her professional interests are focused on digitalization and in particular on the interaction of human beings with technology and its impact on the world of work.
She speaks German and English with a basic knowledge of French.
Born in 1971, she has lived and worked in Switzerland for twenty-one years, married to a Swiss citizen and the mother of two teenagers